We are Magelia Colombia, a Colombian travel agency which specialises in authentic and 100% bespoke travel to Colombia. We’re a local agency with a presence in Europe. We love Colombia, its history, its legends, its cultural diversity and its landscapes and we want to share all of that with you. At the same time, we also want to support local communities through tourism and volunteering with local NGOs.

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Creating unique, authentic trips which offer an emotional connection and reawaken all your senses. A genuine cultural exchange with the local residents of Colombia’s various regions, an opportunity to experience Colombian culture and lifestyles, enjoy typical dishes, listen to music, watch dancers and more. All of our trips are organised by Colombians who know the country inside and out. We travel thousands of miles every year to find you the very best destinations!Click here to find out why we’re not like other travel agencies.


We’re a team of English-speaking Colombians with that French je ne sais quoi. In total, our company is made up of 5 employees: 4 from Colombia and 1 from France. We’re experts in European and Colombian culture, of course.

Natalia (French Colombian)

With a degree from a renowned French business school, she worked in web marketing before changing careers to work in the travel industry, after embarking on a round-the-world trip and visiting more than 50 countries. She lived in France for 14 years and has come back to share her love of her home country with you.

Paola (French Colombian)

She has a degree in management, specialising in logistics, and has spent several years travelling round Colombia to uncover all its best kept secrets. She is in charge of creating unique trips and ensuring the logistics for all your travel

Carlos (Colombian)

With a degree in logistics, Carlos is passionate about cycling, hiking and gastronomy! True expert of treks in Colombia, he also lived in Punta Arenas in Chile. Concerned with every detail, Carlos takes care of organizing your trips within our reservation team.

Marcela (Colombian)

She has a degree in socio-cultural studies in one of the best universities in Colombia, Marcela is a real passionate about reading and artistic cinema. She worked for 2 years in France then in 2016 decided to return to Colombia with the desire to change the image of her country abroad! She is your privileged travel advisor.

Laura O (Colombian)

With a degree in foreign affairs and having studied in Europe, she decided to return to Colombia. She loves to travel and is your first point of contact when travelling in Colombia.

Laura H (Colombian)

She has a degree in English literature and foreign languages and is a huge fan of everything Colombia has to offer. She spent 2 years living in England and is one of our sales representatives.

Nancy (Colombian)

After nearly 30 years working in the Colombian justice system, she retrained in company law and administrative management. She oversees our accounting and administrative procedures.

Florent (French)

He’s a communications and marketing expert and an intrepid traveller, having visited more than 50 countries all over the world. He has spent time in Colombia and fell in love with the country and its culture. He is in charge of our website.