Specialising in bespoke travel to Colombia, Magelia Colombia is a local agency with real expertise when it comes to creating and organising authentic trips which provide an opportunity for a genuine cultural exchange with the locals. We are also recommanded by Le Petit Futé. So what makes us different from other Colombian travel agencies?

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What makes us different


More than just travel, we offer a unique experience which reflects who you are. We want you to experience Colombia’s cultural diversity and the zest for life of the country’s residents; we want you to find out about its history, its biodiversity, its music and its food as part of an unforgettable adventure.All our trips can be customised to create the perfect trip to suit you.


We’re a team of English-speaking Colombians who are experts when it comes to travelling round our country. We love our country and we travel all over Colombia to find the best places to visit, the best activities to enjoy and the very nicest people to meet. We’re going to offer you the best trips on the market.


Tourisme communautaire Colombie

As a local agency, we at Magelia Colombia believe that you need to connect with a country’s communities to truly understand its culture. We therefore develop partnerships with local NGOs to help you to connect with local residents; in this way, tourism becomes an acceptable source of income for Colombia’s communities while protecting their cultural and natural diversity. It’s one of our key values: responsible, sustainable tourism.


As a local travel agency, Magelia Colombia has an office in Colombia but also a sales team in Europe, providing a local service to meet your needs. We would be thrilled to meet you and help you to develop your dream trip.

24h assistance

We have offices in Colombia to be able to offer you 24-hour assistance during your trip. As a result, we will be able to help you with anything you need while in Colombia.

Insurance policies

Travel with peace of mind with our insurance policies to suit you. We use data encryption technology, along with the largest payment platform in Latin America, to ensure secure payment.

We can’t wait to meet you! Contact us so that we can help you to prepare your trip to Colombia.

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