Sustainability policy

Magelia Colombia SAS is a travel agency specializing in authentic travel experiences, full of emotion that appeal to all the senses. These trips are organized mainly for the European market.

We promote a true cultural exchange with the inhabitants of the different regions of Colombia, a discovery of the culture and lifestyle of Colombians, tasting typical dishes, learning music and dance.

We believe then, to know the true culture of a country, it is necessary to share with its community. It is therefore essential to apply responsible tourism to minimize the negative impacts on society, the environment and to take advantage in a sustainable way of the cultural and natural ressources of the different destinations of the country.

At Magelia Colombia SAS, we are committed to offering trips which provide a unique experience in Colombia, by seeking to encourage, preserve and protect natural spaces, cultural heritage and promote local economic growth in the chosen destinations. This we expect to achieve with the support of our customers, collaborators and suppliers.

Furthermore, Magelia Colombia rejects the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors, the illegal trafficking of cultural goods and the fauna and flora of our country.

Finally, we are members of Acotur, the Colombian Association of Responsible Tourism.