4 days/ 3 nights
Between 20°C and 30°C
Humpback whale watching
Strong points
June to October


The humpback whale is a very large mammal, reaching a length of about 16 metres and weighing up to 25 tonnes. But despite its size and weight, it makes spectacular jumps out of the water that can reach 5 meters! She communicates with her fellow human beings via a deep song that is very pleasant to the human ear.

It is a migratory species, it can travel up to 25,000km all year round. It travels from fresh waters where it easily finds food in summer to tropical waters for breeding. Every year, between June and October, humpback whales pass through the Colombian Pacific Ocean.

Humpback whale watching is an idea for an off-road trip. It is ideal for those who wish to go on an adventure and meet these extraordinary animals.

Contact us for any modification or question about the stay! We would be very happy to discuss this with you.

Highlights of the humpback whales' stay

 Observe humpback whales, it’s guaranteed!

 Visit one of the areas with the greatest diversity of fauna and flora in the world

 Discover the humid forest

 Enjoy typical dishes and fresh fish of the day

 Meet the locals by visiting their village


Stages of the trip

Day 1: Arrival in Nuquí

Day 2: Humpback whale watching

Day 3: Stroll in the rain forest and meet the locals

Day 4: Return to civilization




The Humpback Whale Watching trip is a travel idea and is fully customizable.

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sejour baleines à bosse
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20 February 2019

It is impossible to describe the emotion felt. It’s a mixture of happiness and fear of knowing that these huge animals swim just a few meters from our boat, of feeling their breath so close and seeing the majesty of their dancing, of their incredible jumps, it seems that whales like to be watched. It’s magical.

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