Disney’s Encanto was released in theaters on November 24th and we have to say we loved it! There is magic, beautiful landscapes (that actually exist) and charming characters, all in a very Disney atmosphere. This is the first Disney movie set in Colombia and we were touched by the fact that the country is shown in a different light than the negative clichés we are, unfortunately, so used to. The producers Byron Howard and Jared Bush, took a two weeks trip to the country where they focused on the most authentic aspects of Colombian culture. However, if you have not

The COVID-19 virus has turned our lives upside down. Since the WHO declaration of the Coronavirus as a pandemic, our daily life radically changed in a few days: remote working, difficulty seeing your own family, travel ban, etc. Today, almost 9 months after the start of the crisis, we are all hopefully of the vaccine that could save us all. In the meantime, governments of all countries continue to face big challenges not only in public health but also financially. Magelia Colombia also had to adapt, be flexible and innovate to safely manage the COVID-19 situation in Colombia and ensure

Wondering why you would want to visit Colombia? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we agree. So we’ve made a three-minute video to show you five good reasons to visit Colombia But if you can’t watch the video, keep reading… Colombia is a new country which people outside it don’t know much about, but it’s becoming increasingly fashionable. Magazines like Vogue (read article here), celebrities like former Miss France Laury Thilleman and French tourism industry publication Tour Hebdo all see the country as one of the most beautiful in South America. So, is it true? Here’s